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Review: Artifact Uprising

We’ve all heard of VSCO right? Well, earlier in the year VSCO acquired Artifact Uprising a photo printing company with a really ethical drive and ever since they have been committed to bringing beauty to the tangible following the motto “off your device, into your life”.

Artifact Uprising

Recently AU were offering 25 free prints to highlight that you can now link and order prints of your VSCO images straight from within the their app. So without any hesitation I got straight to downloading and ordered 25 prints, all of which will be featured in my upcoming exhibition, as a test to see how good the quality was. (more…)


Journal: A Note on Inspiration

I just want to take a quick moment to talk about a few of my upcoming projects and just general inspiration.  For the past year or so I’ve been working in the London arts industry and I love it. It’s really opened my eyes to the plethora of interesting things happening in the city that I have just never made the effort to go out and see before. Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been broadening my horizons more and more, and immersing myself in these creative environments has really inspired me to start a few creative projects of my own. So lets talk about them.


Exploring London

Although I’ve lived in London for most my life I have always felt like I’ve only ever explored a fraction of the city. Ever since I started working in central London I feel as though my eyes have been opened to an entirely new world. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Especially working in the arts I finally realise just how much I have been missing of this beautiful city. So armed with a goal to go sightseeing in the actual City of London I met up with a old friend from university and hit the pavements.


The Floating City

VeniceVenice had been on my travel wish list for a while, so when I decided to make more of an effort to visit European cities I made sure it was one of ones closer to the top of the list. Rather luckily it just so happened that the weekend I had booked to go also turned out to be during the famous Venice Carnival. So with the streets packed and buzzing with people I set out to explore the floating city.  (more…)

First Street Photography


For a while now I have been wanting to try-out more styles of photography. I have enlisted the help of a few friends and tried my hand at fashion photography and portrait photography, both of which I found to be very enjoyable. However the style I am most drawn to is street photography. I’m an avid reader of a ton of street photography blogs, my favourite of which is ShootTokyo, and they have all inspired me to finally pick up my camera and give it a go. (more…)

The Mysterious Arashiyama


One of the places I was really keen to visit during my time in Kyoto was Arashiyama, specifically the famous bamboo grove. I was persuaded by the multitude of pictures I saw of the grove drenched in the glorious golden light of sunrise, but being me it was never a possibility I was going to make it there for sunrise. Especially as this was in the beginning of August, and sunrise would have meant waking up at 4am.


Located just a short walk from the station and after cutting through some alleyways you are greeted by the entrance of the bamboo grove. By this point I had been in Japan for a while so I was more than used to walking through areas densely populated by vegetation feeling like the only person left alive in the whole world, however walking past the man in the photo above, as he sat there like some sort of gate keeper, I really got the feeling that I was in for an entirely different experience.


With bamboo reaching to the sky leaving nothing but a slither of light to guide me as I walked through the grove I found myself at yet another point on my trip where I was engulfed in peaceful silence. This didn’t last long though as after a few turns I caught up to the rest of the tourists who had come to check out the amazing site. Arashiyama-11 Emerging from the grove I continued down a path. Not really knowing where I was going, (with the eerie feeling I was being followed) as had been happening more and more frequently I turned a corner and found myself staring and a beautifully pristine landscape – the joys of travelling. This time it was the Katsura River. It seemed like quite a nice place to stop so I grabbed myself a drink and watched people float down the river on their boats.

This part of the Arashiyama was so chilled, there was a beach, a ton of little shops and even a historic bridge. It’s somewhere I could definitely see myself hanging out if I lived locally. Cruising along the river on a hot summers day, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Although it was brief I really enjoyed my time in Arashiyama, it is definitely somewhere I would like to explore more if I ever find myself in Kyoto again. One downside is though walking through the bamboo forest I got completely eaten by mosquitoes, so word to the wise be prepared for that.

You can check out all my photos from the day in my Flickr album here.

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Tokyo – Mori Tower

Tokyo Header
One of my favourite places to visit in Tokyo is Mori Tower. This 54-storey building provides one of if not the best view of Tokyo. Having never been during the day I can’t say that I’ve been fortunate enough to Mt. Fuji from its roof, but I have been able to witness the splendour that is the seemingly endless twinkling lights of Tokyo at night.


If you pay the extra to gain access to the buildings helipad you will be greeted by an uninterrupted 360 panoramic view of Tokyo in all of its splendour with views of Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Skytree the experience is really so,etching to behold.


20140627-233109-84669462.jpgWhen I went the roof had been turned into what I can only call I “bedazzled Disney rave”. Odd as it may sound dotted all over the roof were two feet high robotic Disney figures which seemed to be made from a solid chunk of crystal. The funniest part of it all is that every 15 minutes music would begin to blast, a light show would commence and the figures would start dancing. They were present in celebration of Disney’s 110th anniversary so they had b was celebrating but I know it took me a decent amount of time to get that tune out of my head.




Until next time.


Fushimi Inari

Toward the end of my trip to Asia I visit Kyoto. A city stepped in history, Kyoto is home to some of the most famous shrines in Japan. Due to films such as Memoirs of a Geisha, Fushimi Inari is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kyoto and a place I’ve always wanted to visit.20140627-235305-85985645.jpg

From all the films and images I’ve seen of Fushimi Inari I entered with the expectation that the two pathways alined with tori gates was all there was to see, but alas I was wrong. The two pathways are only the tip of the iceberg and located at the foot of the mountain, this peaked my curiosity and led me to want to explore what else the shrine had to offer and with that I set off up the mountain. Having looked at the map it didn’t appear to be too much of a journey, but in actuality it took me over two hours to climb all the way to the top. Around half way up amidst the humid Japanese weather and sporadic downpours of torrential rain I cannot deny, the idea of turning back did cross my mind, however I thought I would persevere through, and I’m really glad I did. Once you reach the top of the mountain you are greeted by stunning views of Kyoto, although if you’re like me you won’t realise you’re at the top and continue along a path that will eventually lead you an a massive loop back to the top of the mountain. It is well worth it though as you are truly able to take in Kyoto in all of it’s splendour.



As great and rewarding as the view is it was really the journey both up and down the mountain that I enjoyed the most. Heat and rain aside it really is something to behold. All pathways are lined with vibrant red tori gates and dotted along the route are quaint little huts and streams. Most rewardingly when you finally reach the top there is a small Japanese style shop/ restaurant where you can purchase a drink and have a quick rest before your decent (or in my case seek shelter from the rain). Also as it is a shrine there are several graveyards, but nothing like we get in England. The tombstones seemingly all have very intricate carvings be they animals or lanterns and are grouped together rather closely.



Fushimi Inari was a real joy to visit, my only tip for anyone traveling to the top would be if you can go with someone. I went alone, which was fine, but as I was walking through the more secluded areas on the path flashbacks to films such as Wrong Turn and Wilderness came to mind. Alas all was well and I got to cross one of the places I’ve always wanted to see off of my list.





Until next time.


Haven St. – Street Art Paradise

haven st

I recently went to help out my friend Shanté with photos for her style blog again. The pictures came out great (you can see them on her blog here) but what I was really impressed with was the location she chose.